The surface science of Itabirites iron ore

In this project, Itabirites iron ore from Brazil, and laboratory model system such as pure hematite and quartz crystals are investigated by surface sensitive techniques. The main goal is to establish a clear physical and chemical understanding on the mineral chemical interaction with amina and amido. These both are greatly applied industrially as surfactants on a process called inverted flotation. Despite this process importance, the rather complex physical and chemical mechanism is not well understood. This project involves several experimental techniques such as FTIR, Raman, SEM and Zeta Potential to correlated the chemical properties observed on the industrial process to the surface characteristics observed by AFM and XPS investigations. In short, mineral samples and well-defined model systems iron oxide and silica will be investigated with respect the adsorption characteristics of selected surfactants. The results may impact basic and applied research in the field.

People and Collaborations

Dr. Gabriela Moreira*, gabriela.moreira at

Dr. Marisa Monte, marisa.monte at

Israel Fidelis, israel.fidelis.fx at

* master positions available, please contact us!


Instituto Tecnológico Vale


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